Workshop in English


Does your team need to push their boundaries in a fun and useful way?

We offer workshops in improvisational theatre. It is a thorough introduction to the principals of impro comedy.

Naturally we will laugh at each other, but no one we be singled out and during most of the workshop participants will be working in groups.

After the workshop we can offer to wrap up the day with a impro comedy show where the workshop participants can see their newly acquired tools unfurled by professionals.

Improvisation builds on 5 principles

Say yes, and…

By accepting your stage partners offer and building on it you create a scene together. This can be transferred directly to your areas of development. By saying: “yes, and” you will advance your research into new possibilities and solutions.

Two ears and one mouth.

Are you always listening to your co-workers? Here we focus on training listening more than talking to avoid misunderstandings. In improvisation active listening is your most essential tool.

The mistakes are your friends

We allow ourselves to fail. Often the mistakes are the key to creating a character. By learning to embrace the mistakes and use them we learn to move on and achieve a better end result.

Play the game

By collectively defining the context our communication will become more precise. An improvised scene is best when the players have a mutual understanding of the plot. This is why we practice finding common ground in our scenes.

Relinquish control

It is not your personal responsibility to reach the finish line. If you dare to relinquish control with the scene and see what grows from it, you will find others picking up the mantle, who normally wouldn’t. Together you will develop further by: “turning off the brain” as we say in impro.

The price depends on the number of participants, timeframe and the possibility of a show after the workshop. Send a request in the form below or call us on +45 60130414 for further information.